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Pestle & Potions

The Full Story

Hi there! I am Dawn Stewart, mom of two, herbalist and maker of all (well, many) things good! Thank you so much for visiting our page. I grew up as an Army brat all over this country and spent four years in Germany. My love for herbalism began when I had my first child Gianna. As a mother, I could not imagine putting anything on or near my perfect child that had any chemicals or artificial anything! Thus, my journey commenced. 



Aside from striving to be the best mother to my two beautiful girls, my mission is to provide all natural products, making them extremely accessible to all people.


The more accessible the products and the knowledge, the better for all of us! 


Pestle and Potions is a community space offering retail herbs and herbal products, classes, rental space for massage therapy, acupuncture, or consultations, and more. We all teach classes to help people understand when, why, and how to use herbs to make their lives healthier.



Dedication. Expertise. Passion.

We are a team of businesses located under one roof, working together to help our community learn and grow to be the healthiest and happiest possible!

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