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Herb Center of Jacksonville

Your path to health and well being starts here.

Herbal products, Health Services + Workshops

Community classroom featuring local instructors

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We are the place where local herbalists and makers of natural things are offered space to sell their wares. We have a perfect space for meetings, classes, and practitioners. We have massage therapy, acupuncture, a multifunction cardiogram, and a nurse practitioner.

We also have yoga, dance, herb classes, stretching, food tasting, and MORE!! 

In my own herbal practice, we work together to make your body stronger and healthier, from the inside out. My daughters, Gianna and Francesca, both work with me to keep this beautiful space full of new and exciting products for you!

We make herbal products that people love. Each batch is handmade and mixed with organic herbs. The goal is to be as sustainable as possible without all the extra ingredients.

We offer products for any and all ages! From baby powder and face creams to teas and tinctures. 

Herb Infused Oils



We offer herb classes at least twice a month and candle classes once a month, as well as fun arts and crafts, dance and movement, and other self-care workshops. Visit our calendar page to see what's available!

Our classes are not only very educational, but also fun to do with friends and family! You also get to take home any goodies made in our classes.

These classes can be for small groups or large groups.

 5-person minimum per class and a 35-person maximum per class. 

Spa and Wellness

Dr. Ryan - FL 

“Our patients LOVE this stuff (magic stick). They always ask where can I get more when we give it to them as a gift! You can use it on anything from stretchmarks to lip balm to diaper cream. It is truly amazing!" 

Malorie - FL

"The Electrolyte tea will help you recover AND they made a tea specifically for my symptoms when I had a bad cold. The Magic Stick is amazing! It has helped soothe mosquito bites, rashes, acne redness, and even my cat's itchy ears!"

Wendy - FL 

"We like to go above and beyond for our clients. So does Simply Natural! We ordered candles for our customers and they designed a signature scent just for us. We chose the containers and labels, then they box them up in cute little boxes with our team colors as fill. Our customers love these all natural candles!"
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